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How to Choose the Best Photo Slideshow Software

Why Photo Slideshow Software?

Photo slideshow software helps you save and showcase beloved photo memories through attractive photo slideshows. Some programs even enable to add your video collections. You can put together a series of pictures and video clips that has your own creative style. Among other things, many applications offer the ability to write titles, add text and descryptions, add enhancement effects and use other features to jazz up your slideshow. You also can use photo slideshow software to make the time-honored traditional photo montage, if that's your choice.

One of the most enjoyable and creative aspects of photo slideshow software is the capability to edit your pictures through cropping, zooming, rotating, etc. With this type of software, you also get the ability to choose transitions to use as the photos move along, which helps to make your photos animated into life, and you often can add captions. In addition, these applications provide a number of different output formats such as MPEG, FLV, HTML, etc., so you can share a slideshow you have made with your family and friends online.

Here we recommend Photo DVD Maker, which not only helps to create DVD slideshow, but also makes perfect video slideshow (such as common MPEG video slideshow, YouTube uploadable slideshow, etc. ) with your media collections.

Photo DVD Maker

Photo DVD Maker enables to load your original media content such as photos, music, and video clips without limit. It supports adding text on photos, and provides rich photo transition effects & album themes to make your video slideshow animated into life! The output format including common MPEG movie, iPhone/iPad/iPod MPEG-4 video, Android MPEG-4 video, YouTube/MySpace uploadable video, FLV movies, HD video, mobile photo playable movie, etc.

What to Look for?

To choose the best Photo Slideshow Software, generally speaking, the more features and functionalities the software offers, the better. Equally as important, however, is ease of use. You want an application that offers ample features without a steep learning curve. Here are the criterias we recomend to evaluate photo slideshow programs.

1. Features & Functions
Design features are arguably one of the most important parts of photo slideshow software. The ideal application should provide a vast array of design capabilities that allow you to create truly unique and stunning slideshow presentations. For example, we looked for applications that give you the ability to add text captions, and transition effects. Some have collections of clip art or embellishments you can add to your slideshow. Other design features to seek include timing control so you can determine how long to display each picture and the ability to add voice recordings and music or sound clips.

2. Input & Output 
The best slideshow software applications are those that offer a range of different input and output options. Vast multimedia file support ensures you can upload images from a variety of sources (e.g., JPEG files, memory cards, etc.) and that your finished slideshow is compatible with a variety of viewing devices and file formats. When evaluating output options, we took into consideration the publishing methods, sharing options and movie formats each application supports. For instance, can you upload your slideshow to the web via YouTube or send it in an email? Can you save it to a CD or DVD or as a QuickTime movie? Ample input and output options not only increase the overall flexibility of an application, they also allow you to easily and quickly share your slideshow with family and friends in a manner that’s most convenient for you.

3. Slideshow Quality
After putting so much effort into creating a slideshow, the last thing you want is noticeably poor quality. Look for picture slideshow software that consistently produces high-quality slideshows with clear, sharp photos.

4. Ease Usability
Creating a photo slideshow shouldn’t be difficult, frustrating or extremely time-consuming. Look for slideshow software that is easy to use, with an intuitive interface that’s simple to navigate and a minimal learning curve so you can create stunning slideshows in a timely manner.

5. Customer Support
The image slideshow software you choose should be complemented with comprehensive help and support options that can assist you if questions or technical issues arise as you are using the application. Look for direct support via email or telephone, along with useful online resources such as FAQs and product tutorials or user guides.

In all, choosing the best slideshow program isn't easy. You need to consider both function flexibility and usability, as well as the customer support. However, Photo DVD Maker, meeting all the above criteria, is a best choice for any media lovers. With Photo DVD Maker, you can create polished and unique picture & video slideshows that commemorate special events, loved ones and memorable moments.

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